jueves, agosto 12, 2010


As you may know, The Autumn Society and The Mars Society (affiliated with NASA) have joined forces to present"Exploring Mars," a children's coloring book featuring our neighbor planet & possible future home MARS.

Shown below are some of the interactive & fun coloring book Illustrations by Autumn Society members and their different views of humans exploring and Terraforming Mars. (click HERE to view full book)

The book will premiere Saturday, August 7th at the 13th Annual International Mars Society Convention, for their Mars Camp education program.

With this book, we hope to inspire a new generation of children to reach higher for the heavens and bring a new frontier of space exploration starting with Mars!

Thanks once again to our Autumn Society members who participated, Lucinda Land & Patricia Czarnik from the Mars Society for making this a reality. And to Dr. Zubrin for pursuing the Terraformation of Mars and the future of human kind in space!

You can view the entire book under our BOOKS link page above.
Front Cover by Bobby O'herlihy
Mark Wojtko / Anita Mejia

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Pia N dijo...

realy cool, some vary nice pictures.